Kitten Size of a Bagel Seeks to Live Full Life Despite Being Late Bloomer, Now Flourishing into Stunning Cat


A kitten named Bagel is a late bloomer, and has exceeded everyone’s expectations since the day she was rescued.

fluffy tabby kitten Bagel the kittenAmanda Hodder

Bagel, a tiny tabby kitten, was just five days old when she was brought in to a shelter as an orphan, in need of rescue.

Amanda Hodder, the founder of Kitten Rescue Life (in Southern California), didn’t hesitate to take her in, as kittens her age require round the clock care and feedings to survive.

“We soon noticed she was pretty delayed,” Amanda shared with Love Meow. “At almost three weeks old, she still hadn’t opened her eyes.” Kittens typically open their eyes by the second week.

rescued baby kitten She was five days old when she was rescuedAmanda Hodder

The tabby remained very small despite her voracious appetite. “Once she got a little older we could tell by the shape of her head and how tiny she was that there was something extra going on with her.”

Bagel continued to chow down on her food ravenously at each feeding, as if she was determined to grow big and strong.

purrito kitten Bagel is a very determined kitten despite being delayed in developmentAmanda Hodder

They began to take her to a veterinarian who specializes in feline medical care, in hopes of finding the cause of the developmental delay.

At six weeks old, Bagel tipped the scale at just 0.4 pounds, less than half the size of a typical kitten her age. They had to wait for her to grow big enough to perform tests to check her thyroid system.

tiny kitten She is tiny but oh so mightyAmanda Hodder

“We did some radiographs to check for hydrocephalus (which is caused by extra fluid in the brain), and she showed open fontanels, which is one symptom of hydro. We started her on steroids and antibiotics which can help some cases of hydrocephalus,” Amanda shared with Love Meow.

Despite it all, Bagel is always in good spirits and doesn’t let anything deter her from living a full life.

pint-sized kitten, bagel kitten Amanda Hodder

She can completely hold her own when wrestling with other kittens. “Bagel may be physically stunted and developmentally delayed but that doesn’t stop her from keeping up with her foster siblings who are about the same age as her!”

Watch Bagel the kitten in this cute video:

[embedded content] Bagel the kitten

“She can actually play too rough sometimes even though the other kittens are much bigger than her. She is also very cuddly and when she tires herself out she will come find you and curl up next to you,” Amanda told Love Meow.

snuggly kitten She loves to snuggle with her human friendsAmanda Hodder

After months in foster care, Bagel has blossomed into a gorgeous young lady with extra fluff to boot.

“She is now over three months old and still not even close to weighing two pounds, but she’s slowly growing, and she’s healthy and stable.”

Bagel is very feisty and likes to wrestleAmanda Hodder

“We were finally able to rule out any thyroid issues. I knew she was going to be okay the moment she was given access to free roam our home,” Amanda shared with Love Meow.

“She was so lively, energetic and full of life. I knew whatever was going on was not severe enough to impact her quality of life.”

beautiful cat Bagel has blossomed into a stunning young catAmanda Hodder

The little stunner has exceeded everyone’s expectations and continues to make strides each day. She may be a late bloomer and may stay small for the rest of her life, but what she lacks in size, she makes up for in personality.

“We enjoy having her with us so much, and I look forward to finding her family that will love her just as much.”

adorable fluffy cat So much ear floofAmanda Hodder

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