Doggie & Me Halloween Costumes


If your dog is the kind who enjoys wearing sweaters and more or less happily tolerates your dress-up tomfoolery, this Halloween tag-team your costume. Just be sure it’s not too tight or hot — and don’t let your pup steal any of your Halloween treats.

Big bee, little bee

Here’s an easy-peasy, beezy costume. Human costume and doggie bee-licious costumes, T-shirts or hoodies available at

Baby Shark!

Do the “baby shark doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo” as a dog and human shark costume duo.

Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf

Your dog already has the big teeth — all he needs is a little more wolf while you don a cute dress and red cape. Frisco has a Front Walking Werewolf Dog Costume ( that takes him from woof to wolf.

©Stockchildren; AA Film Archive | Alamy Stock Photo

Elle and Bruiser Woods

“I’m Elle Woods and this is Bruiser Woods, and we’re both Gemini vegetarians. Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed.” Find all the Elle Woods pink you need to brighten your Halloween at (find Bruiser’s costume here, too).

©Jose Luis Pelaez Inc | Getty Images

Belle and Her Beast

Tell the tale as old as time — a girl’s love of her dog — with a Beauty and the Beast dog costume from Rubie’s (at Your pup goes as the beast and with a lovely yellow gown, you’ll be the Belle of your own Halloween ball.

©Oleksiy Boyko | Alamy Stock Photo

Daenerys and Dragon(s)

Play the Game of Thrones as Daenerys and be the mother of dog-gons. Shop her look at; get a dragdog look with the blue Frisco Dragon Dog Costume at


Go old school, as nothing says Halloween more than the Count. Dracula costumes at Amazon or Find Dogula costumes at Amazon and the Frisco Vampire Cape at

©Oleksiy Boyko | Alamy Stock Photo

Play Doctor

Is there a dog-tor in the house?! Hit the Halloween parade as the cutest nurse and doctor human/dog team this side of Grey’s Anatomy. Or, for extra cuteness, have one of you play the patient.

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