10 Autumn & Winter Birds


The Lapland bunting, also known as the Lapland longspur is a low-slung, robust bunting that breeds across Arctic Europe and Canada, and arrives in the UK for winter in September.

It is slightly larger than the reed bunting and in non-breeding plumage the male has brown upperparts with a mottled black bib and streaks on the flanks, and a chestnut nape and wing panels. The underparts are creamy-white. On the head, there is a broad, pale stripe over the eye, and a black line around the cheek. The bill is thick and yellow, that has adapted for eating seeds. The female has less distinct markings with a pale crown with dark sides, a reddish-buff face, and dull rufous nape.

It spends most of its time on the ground often in small flocks picking seeds before flying away to look for a new foraging area. It has a dry, hard, rattling trill, often heard in flight, and a short, warbled song that it usually delivers when perching on a rock.

The Lapland bunting is a scarce visitor, but can be spotted along the east coast of the UK in salt marshes, rough fields, and rocky coastal grasslands.

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